Steel Products

Steel Line Pipe Manufacturing and Anti corrosion and Flow Coatings

CSAPL is the industry leader for steel pipe manufacturing and pipeline coatings in Pakistan, with the capacity to produce up to 200,000 tonnes of large diameter spiral arc welded carbon steel pipes and the capability of applying protective and flow efficient pipeline coatings.

The Spiral Pipe Plant is equipped to manufacture high quality steel line pipes in the diameter range of 8″ – 120″ (219 mm – 3,048 mm), in wall thickness from 4 mm – 25.4 mm and material grades up to API 5L X-100.

The company began commercial production of steel line pipes in March 1987, enhancing product suite to add flow efficient and anti-corrosion/protective pipeline coatings in 1993 and has since contributed significantly to Pakistan’s oil and gas networks.

Machinery Fabrication

In 2009, the company acquired a machinery fabrication facility, CS Energy (Private) Limited, under its steel division operations. Located in Faisalabad, the facility has the capability to fabricate and erect machinery particularly for the sugar, cement and food industry. The unit is equipped to manufacture boilers, cane shredders with diameters up to 1700mm, juice heaters, evaporators, batch and continuous vacuum pans, centrifugal machines, stainless steel spray clusters, multi-jet condensers, perforated plates, vibro screens and high voltage transformer tanks.

Steel Line Pipes

Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited’s state of the art German technology Blohm + Voss plant manufactures Submerged Arc Welded Helical Seam steel line pipes. CSAPL has the API monogram authorisation to produce pipes in diameters ranging from 8 to 120 inches and thickness ranging from 4mm to 25.4mm; in steel grade up to API 5L X-100. CSAPL has enhanced and upgraded its pipe production capacity to a maximum of 200,000 tonnes per annum. For the water supply networks the plant produces steel line pipes according to AWWA standards, in diameters up to 120 inches.

Steel Tubular Piles

Large diameter Steel Tubular piles are also known as drilled shafts, caissons and piers and are used as deep foundations for structural use. CSAPL manufactures pipe piles for structural use in diameters ranging from 8 to 120 inches and in thickness ranging from 4 mm to 25.4 mm. Steel Piles can also be welded or spliced to facilitate length requirements.

Steel Coil Slitting Line

CSAPL has added a coil slitting line which consists of an uncoiler followed by a three- roller leveler, driving motor and a recoiler. The recoiler is equipped with a hydraulic jack coil removing system designed for the smooth and safe unloading of coils.

Offline Ultrasonic Testing of Steel Pipes

In order to meet the demands of sour gas transmission pipelines, Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited has added an Automatic Off-Line Ultrasonic Testing unit. The unit checks the pipe weld after expansion caused by hydrostatic testing and tests the systems for longitudinal weld defects, transverse defects and defects in the heat affected zone. The Offline Ultrasonic unit also checks the pipe body for presence of lamination via the through transmission technique. The testing unit can also detect pits and identify decreases in pipe thickness.



Our laboratory is equipped with Charpy V-Notch, Universal Tensile Testing and Universal Hardness Testing machines. The steel division is additionally in the process, of acquiring ISO 17025 for its laboratory.

Tensile Testing Machine

The fully computerised Tensile testing machine provides a real time Stress- Tensile graph. It is used to carry out Tensile, Compression and Bending tests on pipe plates and welds. It is also used to test the compressive strength of cements used for internal mortar pipe lining.

CVN Testing Machine

The Charpy V-Notch test is carried out in accordance with ASTM A 370 and ISO 148 as per API 5L requirements, to determine the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. The absorbed energy along with the percentage of shear fracture area is reported as a result of the test. The result serves as a measure of the materials toughness and acts as a tool to study temperature-dependent brittle ductile transition.

Universal Hardness Testing Machine

The Hardness testing machine is also capable of carrying out material tests in accordance with sour and offshore requirements. Materials are tested for hardness in the Pipe Body, Weld and HAZ areas to international standards. The machine offers results in Vickers, Rockwell and Brinel scales.

Chemical Analysis Machine

CSAPL has enhanced its capability of chemical analysis of metallic samples by adding spectrometer for chemical analysis of metallic samples. The Chemical testing machine is capable of performing chemical analysis using the principle of spark emission spectroscopy as per the requirement of ASTM A 751. The machine is also used to test the quality of incoming material as well as the products manufactured.

Melt Flow Index/Rate

The melt flow index/melt flow rate (MFI/MFR) is a measure of the ease of flow of the melt of a thermoplastic polymer. CSAPL has added state of the art melt flow index tester which is used to test the Melt flow rate or Melt flow index of PE/PP granules as well as sections of PE/PP coating and adhesives as per the requirements of DIN 30670, DIN 30678, ISO 1133 or any other international standards. The machine is also used to confirm quality of incoming raw material as well as coated pipes produced by CSAPL.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Differential Scanning calorimeter (DSC) measures enthalpy, heat capacity, changes in enthalpy and heat capacity, glass transition in samples due to changes in their physical and chemical properties as a function of temperature or time. CSAPL has employed a DSC machine that can perform the thermal analysis as per the requirement of DIN 30670, DIN 30678, CSA Z245.20 and or any other international standard in order to determine the thermal characteristics of epoxy powder and film.


To produce premium quality products the engineering unit has been equipped with imported workshop machinery which includes one heavy duty 60 tonnes crane, two 16 tonnes overhead cranes, high head lathe machines and special high precision radial drill machines with good quality tube and plate boring facilities for batch and continuous vacuum pans. Our aim is to leverage latest technology, specialised skills and engineering expertise to provide reliable machinery in accordance with international standards.At Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited we continuously look to expand our product portfolio. Our fabrication facility is located in Dalowal, Faisalabad and is capable of manufacturing the following products:

  • Cane Shredders
  • Juice Heaters, Vapor Juice Heaters
  • Evaporators with Stainless Steel Multijet Condensers
  • Batch and continuous vacuum pans
  • Crystallizer “U” shape
  • Centrifugal Machines
  • Stainless Steel Spray Clusters for spray pond
  • Deep Bed Filters
  • Milk Silos
  • Hydraulic Tilting Trolleys for cane harvesting
  • Perforated Plates & Vibro Screens for Paper Plants
  • High Voltage Transformer Tanks
  • High Pressure Boilers