Protective Coating & Lining


External Coatings

When pipes are left uncoated they are exposed and left subject to corrosion which causes leaks and spillages leading to serious consequences to both life and the environment. In 1992 CSAPL was the first to offer multi layer coatings on line pipes in Pakistan and continue to provide Single and Multi Layer coatings in controlled environments. Through technological advancements we have been able to consistently produce premium quality pipe coatings.

Multi Layer Polyolefin Coating

Multi Layer Polyolefin coatings encompass steel pipelines with high mechanical strength and greater adhesion to steel. Spiral pipes produced at CSAPL employ the side extrusion process, an advanced coating system, to produce strong, reliable, stable and age resistant coatings. High standards of quality are achieved at our coating facility by maintaining a controlled and clean environment.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating is a one-part heat curable thermosetting epoxy resin powder, used for in-ground coatings. By using heat to melt and adhere to metal substrates it provides excellent adhesion and results in a smooth chemical and abrasion resistant finish. FBE coatings increase pipeline durability by protecting and reinforcing steel against corrosion at extreme temperatures.

Tape coating

Tape coatings were introduced in the 1950’s as pipe coatings for the oil and gas industry to serve as in-ground corrosion protection at high temperatures. CSAPL applies heat shrink tape coatings at above 110 degrees Celsius on steel pipes with diameters ranging from 4 to 60 inches.

Alternatively Single and Multi Layer Cold Tape coatings are applied for pipelines operating at maximum temperatures of 80 degrees celsius.

Liquid epoxy coating

Single Layer Liquid Epoxy coatings and Coal Tar Epoxy coatings provide UV and anti-corrosion protection to above ground pipe lines and piling structures with excellent resistance when immersed in salt water. The coatings are applied to international standards such as AWWA C210.

Internal Coating

Pipe line internal coatings are carried out to prevent internal corrosion, to resist erosion and to reduce flow resistance. The internal coating process begins with surface preparation which is followed by the application of the coating. This provides excellent bonding to the steel substrate and acts as a tough barrier against water permeation; resulting in long- life pipelines.

Anti-Corrosion Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are a form of Internal Anti Corrosion Epoxy coatings which are thinner than Cement coatings. Pipes of a smaller size can be used which reduce the bulk and weight during handling and pipe installation. The smooth hard coating reduces friction, decreases energy costs and decreases investments in installed pumps or compressors. At CSAPL internal coatings are applied to the AWWA C210 international standard.

Flow Efficiency Coating (FEC)

Flow Efficiency coatings are primarily Epoxy coatings which improve flow efficiency. Our internal coating plant applies coatings on pipe diameters starting from 8 inches according to client specifications and internal standards. Pipes with Flow Efficiency coatings reduce costs of compression and pumping, facilitate the use of smaller line pipes, whilst providing the same flow rate and reduce corrosion of pipe internal surfaces during storage and transportation.

Cement lining

Cement-motor is composed of Portland cement, sand and water in order to create the required dense and homogenous consistency and is primarily used as internal lining for portable water application. Our cement lining setup is equipped with a spinning machine specifically designed and built for the application of cement linings, which simultaneously removes excessive cement to create a smooth and uniform surface. The coatings are applied to international standards such as AWWA C205.