HSE Policy

Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited (CSAPL) is a progressive manufacturing organization producing large diameter steel pipes and applying anti-corrosion and flow coatings.

CSAPL is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and those who are associated with the company including customers, suppliers, contractors and visitors.

CSAPL strives proactively to prevent or minimize all possible causes of injury and ill health, protection of the environment, prevention of pollution, reduce carbon footprint, minimize waste, conserve energy, enhance safety awareness, impart HSE training, prepare for emergencies and, manage environmental impacts arising from the workplace, products and services that can affect surrounding communities and the environment at large.

CSAPL consults employees on matters affecting their health and safety, encourages communication and, considers Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) compliance at all times as a responsibility of everyone in the organization.

CSAPL is also committed to complying with all legal, regulatory and other HSE requirements to which it subscribes. At CSAPL, a comprehensive HSE management system is in place to review objectives and targets for continual improvement while the policy is disseminated to all stakeholders.


Chief Executive Officer

November 13, 2017