Health, Safety and Environment

We impose the highest standards of safety and protection on our staff and the space in which we operate, calling on our people to put health and safety at the heart of what they do and to take a common sense approach to Health and Safety.

We remain committed to continuous improvements in the workplace environment.

Outside of internal health and safety practices one of our prime goals is to protect the environment by conserving resources and reducing our impact on the environment.

CSAPL retains ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards certification awarded in 2010. Obtaining the HSE certification was possible through consistent dedication and hard work of all our people and reinforces our commitment to the highest standards of HSE and Quality.

For more Information, please visit HSE Policy

Commitment to Health

Clean Water Initiative

A Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plant has been installed at our spinning plant in Jaranwala to provide accessible, clean drinking water to our plant workers. Through this initiative, we hope to decrease the spread of water borne diseases such as hepatitis and severe diarrhea.

Commitment to Safety

Hazard Management

We take the safety and protection of our employees very seriously and have accordingly developed a hierarchy of controls system to minimise workplace hazards. The system also helps us to evaluate and facilitate our employees with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). We aim to ensure zero harm at our facilities and keep with PPE advancements.

Contingency Plan

CSAPL has established a system to control the risk associated with fires, explosions and other emergencies and has determined the appropriate level of control to mitigate the consequences of such events.

Periodical inspection, service and maintenance of all the fire- fighting and emergency control equipment are carried out in order to ensure their effectiveness.

The most valuable form of contingency controls is the awareness of potential hazards and prevention procedures amongst all employees therefore, we conduct external and internal theoretical sessions and practical training drills at all spaces in which we operate.

Commitment to Environment

Tree Plantations

At our facilities, we encourage our employees to participate in plantation activities. We have undertaken various initiatives to go green at our Nooriabad, Jaranwala and Bhone facilities. Over the years our plantation size has increased to over 13,600 trees.

Conserving Energy

CSAPL participates in an energy management system organised by SMEDA and APTMA by using energy efficient fixtures.

We make a conscious effort to conserve energy at our offices by using energy efficient fixtures and through a voluntary shut down of lights and air conditioning for one hour, daily. We continually explore new methods of energy conservation and sustainable solutions.

Reducing Harmful Emissions

Crescent Steel aims to decrease and contain the release of harmful emissions. After identifying that NOx levels were above the NEQS limit, we took prompt measures to evaluate alternatives and substituted nitrogen gas with oxygen gas; decreasing NOx levels.