Machinery Details


A summary of the spinning division mechanical infrastructure:

Machine Type Make & Model
Blow Rooms Trutzschler Germany
Contamination Sorter (At Blow Room Stage) Loptex Sorter (Optical & Sonic) Italy
Cardings Trutzschler (TC 11& TC 03) Germany
Draw Frames Toyota Hara DYH 500C Japan Rieter RSB-D3 0 & RSB-D3 5 Switzerland
Simplexes Toyota FL-16 Japan
Ring Frames Toyota RY5 Japan Toyota RX – 240 Japan EJM-128L China (With Compact Attachment)
Slub Attachments Toyota RY5 Caipo (CSTU 2010), Italy
Siro Spun Attachments Toyota RY5 Japan
Auto Winders Schlafhorst-338 Germany Muratec 21 C Process Coner, Japan
Electronic Yarn Clearers (At Winding Stage) Loepfe Yarn MasterTK 940 & Zenit F P2
Yarn Conditioning Welker Condibox, Germany