Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a strategic management driven initiative that integrates our business, environmental and citizenship activities to uphold our values.


The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

The Citizens Foundation works to provide quality education to under privileged children in rural and urban slums across Pakistan. Through its network of 1,441 school units spread across 58 districts of Pakistan, TCF employs an all female faculty of 12,000 teachers of its 16,700 people workforce. TCF is educating 204,000 children of which an approximate 50% are girls.

Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited’s relationship with TCF began in 1995 and to date we have built and currently maintain 15 school units with the combined enrolment of 3,187 students, of which 49% are girls.

We continue to remain committed to all TCF-CSAPL school units.

For more information please visit www.thecitizensfoundation.org

Jugnoo Sabaq

The Literate Pakistan Foundation was launched in 2003 with the aim to improve the rate of literacy in Pakistan. At Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited the program was initiated to help improve literacy levels among workers at our facilities. Workers lacking basic primary education at the time of induction were enrolled and are schooled through the Jugnoo curriculum. The program has remained committed to its objectives and with every passing year, literacy rates at our facilities have improved.



The Health Foundation (THF)

The Health Foundation’s main mandate is to educate the public on prevention and management methods of viral hepatitis which affects millions of people in Pakistan. CSAPL supported THF’s “A Hepatitis Free Community-Model” project that spanned over a period of four years and was completed in FY15.

Indus Hospital and Dar ul Sukun

We continue to contribute to and support our partners, The Indus Hospital which provides free- state of the art medical care to the underprivileged and Dar ul Sukun who provide care, support and housing enmities to the poor, socially displaced and to people with special needs.


CSAPL and Earth Hour

Earth Hour is the world’s largest public environmental action and a global testament of a commitment to protect the planet. Earth Hour is celebrated each year across all our campuses by switching off unnecessary lights and appliances to highlight the threat of climate change to our planet.

We participate annually and aspire to go beyond Earth Hour to protest climate change both, at the work place and at home to support the global campaign for environmental change.

CSAPL and Mangrove Plantations

Mangroves are nature’s protection against tsunamis and floods, buffering wave action during intense tropical storms. They provide many benefits to man and the marine environment, acting as breeding, nursery and feeding areas for a great variety of life and protecting shorelines among other ecological and environmental benefits.

As part of our marine conservation campaign, Crescent Steel volunteers partnered with WWF to plant mangroves and clean the surrounding coastal area.


People are central and fundamental to our existence as an enterprise and business objectives can only be achieved through their professionalism and dedication. We strive to enhance and engage our people through recognition and development and instill a passion for challenges, continuous improvement, excellence and value for the environment, community and integrity.

Training and Development

Sustainable development and impact investment is at the core of our business. We support continuous development of our people, their capabilities and steer them towards optimum career growth.

Talent Management

At Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited we have developed a talent management process that allows us to strategize and develop management roles within the business creating a progressive team of accomplished individuals.